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Japanese Language Level Check

Please check you proficiency level before enrolling.

Introduction:   We are glad to welcome you in the journey of learning with “MY JAPANESE ONLINE”. As we believe in concept learning, we want every student to be proficient in the particular level for which they enroll, here you will get in-depth knowledge of language according to the level. So before opting for any particular level we insist you to check your proficiency by giving the test.

Instruction:   This is a level check test, you can check your level by answering the questions. To start with the test, Start the Japanese level up to which you have completed, after choosing you can now attempt the test.

Guide For Level Check:   Choose the Japanese language proficiency by choosing the below test levels. If you just know the basics then choose the basic test, if you have done with N5 then check your level of N5 likewise you can choose your level for the test according to your language knowledge.

Check Your Japanese Level

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