About Us

My Japanese Online was established by OCC Design Co. Ltd, Japan. https://occdesign.com We are in the recruitment business for a decade. During our tenure, we found that foreigners in Japan are facing problems due to language barriers everywhere. People who were not fluent in Japanese missed out on a lot of career opportunities due to the communication gap, neither did they get better chances on the corporate ladder nor did they have an enjoyable social life - the sole reason being LANGUAGE and this is really heart-wrenching.

In our survey, we discovered that foreigners living in Japan and people in other parts of the world – prefer to learn Japanese from NATIVE JAPANESE speakers, but the exorbitant fee structure is neither affordable nor economical. Considering this fact we decided to establish My Japanese Online, which will be a common platform for all outlanders who want to learn the Japanese language from NATIVE JAPANESE TEACHERS at the most affordable fees with the best quality. Also gladly informing you that within a short period of time our services are loved by numerous foreigners and people all across the world. The courses are skilfully designed to fit a variety of needs. The wide range of courses available are Basic Conversation, JLPT all levels to Business communication for all categories such as Kids, Adult, and Corporate..

Who We Are

We have found the most affordable Japanese language learning online classes in 2020. Our Japan office is located in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture, just 30km from Tokyo. Our branches are located in India and Head office in Japan. Our services are managed by Head office located in Japan so that there is no compromise in quality. Considering the convenience of students and corporates - customer services are available in both English and Japanese languages.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide JAPANESE LANGUAGE TRAINING online from Native Japanese Teachers at the most affordable price to all over the world with excellent services. Every year almost more than 50% of international students borrow or take huge amounts of loans from banks/lenders and come to Japan to study Japanese so that they can get their dream job in Japan. During the period of stay (till the expiry of students Visa), students take overpriced Japanese courses and finally wait to acquire their desired job but unfortunately, most of them end up jobless and return to their country with huge burdens of loans. So, to avoid such afflictions we are planning to provide top-quality Japanese learnings Online to the outlanders to master their Japanese skills and later to provide them with substantial job opportunities in Japan.

Our Mission

“premium quality at a reasonable price for all courses such as kids, professionals and corporate”. Make the students masters in the Japanese language with live interactive sessions, regular monthly tests, assignments, and Final mock tests for certification. Creating the finest job opportunity for students & professionals in Japan by providing exquisite Japanese Language training.