Privacy Policy

Following points are covered in Privacy Policies –.
1. Collecting personal information.
2. Mode of receiving your information.
3. Regarding disclosure of personal information to third parties.
4. Protection of personal information.
5. Updating of personal information.
6. Reviewing of the privacy policy
7. About the modifications of the Privacy policy
1. Collecting personal information.
The purpose of collecting the personal information is to keep proof of all the user’s identity such as Name, Contact number, address, e-mail address, Birthdate, etc. If you do not wish to register your personal information with us, then you cannot use the services mentioned on the website but you can view the website’s contents. To protect personal information relating to children who are less than 18 years of age, we do not permit/suggest minor users register directly to our services without the consent of a parent or a concerned school authority and Institutes. If Personal Information of a Child User has been collected by our Service without parental consent or consent of school authorities and Institutes, as per our company’s regulation, we will delete that information.
2. Mode of receive user information.
The mode of receiving user’s information in our website and service –like IP address, cookie-related information, social media, obtained from the user’s browser and registered on the server, and internet mode. Using cookies generated by our website and third-party services to manage your access history. Receive the information from an access log, and use it for the analysis of the website. Such as IP, the number of accesses, and the page views.
3. Regarding disclosure of personal information to third parties.
We do not share, sell or lease this personal information to third parties, other than those share instated policies. This privacy policy statement is applicable to our services available under domain or any other related subdomains or our other services. Our company partners with other companies to provide you with special services. In that case If you choose to sign up with any of the other services, which is provided by our company’s partners with that services then your details such as your name and other contact details will be provided. Our partners are not allowed to use your personal information for any other purposes than the said services.
4. Protect personal information.
My Japanese Online” is committed to the security of your shared personal information. Once the personal information is shared with “My Japanese Online “takes reasonable steps to protect it from unauthorized access. Our server is managed on AWS, located in Japan, s is fully protected by firewall, encrypted transmission, hacking detector, virus scan, port blocking, and clam antivirus. Teachers and Students are not allowed to take video recordings or video recordings by another device.
5. Update personal information.
As per the request of users, changes in personal data, deletion of data can be done as per our company policy. You can also change your personal data yourself, by logging in to the dashboard with your provided ID and password. For any further updates, you can contact our Customer care.
6. Reviewing the privacy policy and Modifications.
As per our business policies, rules, regulations, terms and conditions are subject to change whenever the company feels necessary. We work on a regular basis for Continued improvement of privacy policies by providing employees training, coordination with partner companies, and internal audits. Privacy policy content may be changed by our company without prior notice.