Frequently Asked Questions

-Yes, All the teachers are native Japanese speakers


-Currently only Online courses are available. Offline courses are not available.

-Please check this link to understand proper flow about lesson flow https://myjapaneseonline.com/live/home/lessonFlow

-Text book will not be provided. As per Online courses textbook has finalized which needs to purchase by the students.

-We cannot provide Textbook copy due to copyright legal issues.

-Our team will provide complete information about books depending on the course for which you have registered.

-Yes. All timings are in Japanese Standard Time

-Recordings are not provided, due to Privacy issues

-Charges will not be taken hourly. Payment accepted - 3 Months, 6 Months or Full course. Depend upon the courses, the payment paying strategies may vary.

-Currently we don’t have a facility, we will start soon. Need to pay to Japanese company Bank. We will guide you for payment related issues.

-Money transfer to Japan company Bank and it`s a Prepayment system- to be paid before joining Regular classes

- Mainly ZOOM application is used.

-Zoom link be sent via email or on your personal message via mobile.

- Our all teachers are native Japanese experience teacher, depend upon the situation, Teacher may change but it will not affect the quality of syllabus because syllabus contents is standardized.

-There is no age limit, but for kids- age should be above 7 years.

-Yes, speaking practice will be done depend upon the course for which you have enrolled.

-Yes for each courses regular HomeWorks will be provided.

- Yes, Monthly test will be conducted, For JLPT N5 & N4 twice in a month, and for N3 to N2 course once in every month. classes are allotted for practicing past JLPT question papers.

- As per the duration of courses, some classes are allotted for practicing past JLPT question papers.

- Mock test at the end of course will be conducted, specially made by MY JAPANESE ONLINE.

- We will be starting our own Job portal soon where students can get a chance to get different job opportunities in Japan

-Needs to be done personally. For JLPT test information , check JLPT govt website..

-Currently we don’t have one on one classes, All are group classes.