Kaiwa Basic

This course is mainly outlined for the trouble free entrance of students into Japanese course and students can understand the use of basic Japanese level and basic culture of Japan. This course is structured specially for beginners. This course is mainly for basic communication focused on basic grammar and common greetings.
By joining this course, one will be familiarized with the language. They will be able to have short simple conversations in daily life and understand the language.
Eligibility Criteria:
Anyone can join.
Contents of Course
● Basic Greetings 
● Basic grammar 
Framing sentences 
● Introduction to Japanese Culture
● All teachers are Native Japanese speakers.
● All appointed teachers have a Japanese Teaching License
   or Exclusive Teaching Experience. 











● 基本的な挨拶

 ● 基本的な文法

● フレーミングセンテンス

● 日本文化の紹介



● すべての講師が日本語を母国語としています。

● クラスを担当する講師 は全員、日本語教師の資格


KAIWA-Basic Batch 1

Duration : 5 Months

Days and Time :
(Time Zone – JST ,Japan Standard Time)
Every week :
Monday 19:00-20:00 PM
Wednesday 19:00-20:00 PM
Friday 19:00-20:00 PM

Demo Fees : 500 yen/Hour

Regular Fees : 600 yen/Hour

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